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Please feel secure

A Newsweek headline for a report on the 2004 Olympics declares that "The Athens Games will be the biggest – and most expensive – peacetime operation ever." The story cites than $825 million (US dollars) have been budgeted for security, more than three times the amount spent for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

Greece has been working with security experts from Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Israel, Russia and the United States to anticipate terrorist scenarios and improve security measures. More than 50,000 security personnel will be deployed around Athens, the U.S. Sixth Fleet will be on standby in Greek waters and NATO may send troops to Greece for the duration of the games.

Athens Mayor Dora Bakoyianni says that "we're paying the price for September 11." Athens 2004 will be the first summer Olympics since 9/11. Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, head of the Athens organizing committee is making sure that crews will scrub and spruce up the city so that it "won't look like a military zone."

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