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Salon's wanderlust


Salon.com no longer publishes a separate travel section, but for a time it's Wanderlust website, edited by Don George, featured some of the best travel writing anywhere. The online magazine's archives include some great travel stories on Greece.

Rolf Potts recounted boozy hedonistic adventures at Corfu's notorious Pink Palace party mecca in A Greek Romance. Amy Brill shared her poignant tale of searching for her Greek roots in My Grandfathers’s Village. Jeffrey Tayler described his desperate and hillarious attempt to recapture his lost youth, at the onset of a mid-life crisis, in Ios Odyssey.

Some of the other engrossing travel tales on Greece in the Salon archives include Once Upon a Time in Greece , Santorini Style, Naxos Nights and Disco Bouzouki Takes Athens By Storm. All of Salon's stories on Greece are listed here.

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