Greece: the really big picture


A giant Kodak photo montage titled "The Whole of Greece In One Smile" and made with 16,609 individual pictures of Greeks, takes up more than 5,000 square feet of space at Syntagma Square in Athens. The photo montage sets a new Guiness Book of World Records benchmark and broke the previous record, also held by Kodak, for a 12,012 photo montage in St. Petersburg, Russia. This massive picture of pictures also won a gold award for Kodak at the recent Hellas Effie 2004 Awards which are presented annually by the New York American Marketing Association.

Kodak issued a press release stating that it created the montage to honor the citizens of Greece in keeping with the company's historic association with the Olympics. George Eastman who founded Kodak, began the company's association with the Games in 1896 - when he placed an advertisement for the Athens Games.

Kodak Near East GM Lazaros Piatopoulos made the following remarks about the photomontage.

"We decided to create something that would give all visitors to Athens the chance to share in the spirit of the Olympic Games. The people of Greece were invited to send a picture and be part of history in the largest-ever photographic montage. The photos of the 16,609 Greeks that responded made up the face of a child whose smile looks at the future with hope and awaits the Athens 2004 Olympic Games with pride."

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