All hail Matt Barrett

040414_mattamacoloroval.jpgMatt Barrett is a one-man online publishing wonder who has assembled some of the best travel resources for visitors to Greece. He has lived and travelled in the country since 1968 and his grasp and understanding of all things Greece and Greek is simply awesome! Matt has turned this storehouse of knowledge and experience into a collection of useful websites that include A Travel Guide to Greece, the Athens Survival Guide, Hotels of Greece and the Greece Turkey Travel Guide for those who plan to visit both countries.

On his websites, Matt dispenses friendly advice on how to survive an Athens heatwave in style and how to find good restaurants. He gives us his own lowdown on the Athens Olympics and shares good primers on Greek popular music including the blues-like Rembetika and obsure cultural gems like the Karagiozis shadow puppet theatre. Matt's page of travel tips is a must-read and contains essential insider knowledge of how to get the most out of your travel budget during your visit to Greece by working with knowledgable travel agents, some of whom he profiles on his sites.

Matt's sites also have good information and advice on travelling to Greece with children. He's even brought his daughter Amarandi into the family business to help out with her own Greece 4 Kids website. Amarandi, who started her website when she was eight years old, is now 11 and her latest updates include a description of going to school on the island of Kea in the fall of 2003.

Oh, Matt also has an extensive online photo album of Greece as well.

So all together now: in Matt Barrett we trust, all others we verify.

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